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You already know Kt’s period underwear but what about leakproof swimwear? Here’s the official guide to Kt’s leak-proof swimwear styles.

Any teen who has ever gotten their period on the same day they were supposed to go swimming knows what a total pain it can be. All of a sudden, instead of thinking about the best way to showcase their impressive backstroke, their mind starts to swirl with the possibility of a tampon string hanging out of their suit or — even worse — leaking blood in the water.

But as nerve-racking as swimming on their period can be, there’s no reason why it should stop them from doing what they love. If they’re new to getting a period and aren’t quite ready to use a tampon — you can read a helpful guide on how to put in a tampon here — one option to consider is wearing a period-proof swimsuit. It looks just like a regular bathing suit but features a discreet leak-proof gusset made of super absorbent material that can absorb three teaspoons of blood, which is equal to three tampons or pads. You can continue reading to learn more about the different styles of period swimwear for teens Kt by Knix has to offer below.

The inner layer of the gusset traps and absorbs blood to ensure that no leaks escape the swimsuit. Here’s the breakdown of our 3-layer leakproof technology:

First Layer: Moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology wicks away sweat and moisture.

Second Layer: A super thin, highly absorbent liner that holds about 3 tampons or pads.

Third Layer: A secure, liquid-resistant outer layer keeps blood from leaking when you’re in or out of the water.

It’s important to note that period swimwear works best if your teen’s flow is light, or they’re at the end of your period. For heavier flows, it’s a good idea to use a tampon or a menstrual cup with swimwear. Every person’s period is different, and we recommend doing whatever makes your child feel most confident.

Kt by Knix offers a number of different styles of leak-proof swimwear. Here’s a breakdown, so you can learn more about what we offer and figure out which style works best for your tween or teen.

Casual Swim Styles

This simple black one-piece features a cute, sporty racerback detail on the back, high cut legs and medium coverage in the seat. It has a super discreet absorbent pad in the gusset liner that absorbs up to 3 tsps of blood, which equals about 3 tampons or pads. 

Kt by Knix has several variations of two-piece swimsuits: 

The leakproof bikini bottoms offer standard high-cut leg holes with medium coverage in the back, just like our bikini underwear. Kt also offers a full-coverage version of our bikini cut for those who prefer it!

The hi-rise bikini bottom has a similar cut but sits higher on the waist and features an elegant twist of fabric near the waistband.

The period swim short is also a higher waist than the bikini but offers extra coverage in the back, reaching all the way to the tops of the thighs. Each style is medium absorbency, and can absorb up to three pads or tampons worth of blood.

    Each style can be mixed and matched with Kt’s bikini tops, which are designed with a shelf bra to provide ultimate comfort and support.

    Training Swimsuits

    deep-dive one-piece

    Designed by a former Canadian Olympic apparel designer, the Deep Dive One-Piece is part of Kt’s competitive swim collection. It is second-skin tight, with no shelf bra to minimize drag, and has contrasting panels and a racerback design for a sporty look. The fabric is chlorine-resistant and offers 50+ UPF protection to help avoid sunburns on outdoor training practice days. It can hold three pads or tampons worth of blood. Serious athletes shouldn’t have to worry about a tampon string hanging out or leaking in the pool. Kt’s high-performance swimwear will keep you leak-free when you’re going for the gold.

    freestyle one-piece

    Like the Deep Dive One-Piece, the Freestyle One-Piece is also part of Kt’s competitive swim collection. The Freestyle One-Piece has the same chlorine-resistant fabric and 50+ UPF protection but features a higher neckline with thinner straps that criss-cross in the back. It fits close and smooth to the body, shaving seconds off record time, and the design allows for an increased range of arm and shoulder motion. The straps are tight enough they won’t slip off, loosen, or move around during practice. The Freestyle One-Piece can hold three pads or tampons worth of blood.

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