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Some people are fortunate enough that it doesn’t matter what shape or design of a menstrual cup that they use.

For others, they may experience difficulties reaching their cup to remove it, or finding it uncomfortable while wearing.

V-Shaped Cups

  • Whether it is a small or a large sized cup, a cup that is V-shaped normally has more length in the body. Depending on the type of stem, it could also add a considerable amount of length.
  • V-shaped cups don’t tend to ride up and sit as high as a bell-shaped cup.
  • Those with a medium to high cervix might find it easier to reach the cup, break the seal, and remove it.
  • If you have a medium to a low cervix, this style of cup may feel too long. It may even be exposed at the opening of the vagina. The stem may be trimmed but if the base of the cup is positioned low, it still might be uncomfortable.
  • However, someone with a medium to low cervix may find that the small size of any brand will be comfortable depending on how low the cervix is positioned.


Bell-Shaped Cups

  • Bell-shaped cups are great for those who have a medium to a low cervix. These cups normally have a rounded base, are shorter than V-shaped cups, and have a flared rim.
  • Depending on how low the cervix sits inside of the cup, the capacity can be compromised. A cup with a rounder body will add back some of the capacity that is lost with a longer cup. A rounded base and being slightly shorter may be more comfortable as it lacks the point that a V-shaped cup has and will not be as close to the vaginal opening. A flared rim will allow the cup to ride up and sit higher, spreading into the vaginal fornix (the area around the cervix) and snuggling up closer to the cervix.
  • For someone with a medium to a high cervix, this may make it difficult to reach.


Knowing the locating and height of your cervix can reduce some of these issues prior to making a purchase.

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